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Generally about supercars

A supercar is an ultimate dream of every man and some portion of women population as well. They are the pinnacle of automobile industry when it comes to luxury and speed. They might not be as comfortable as other types of cars, but everyone would pick a supercar over something average.



V8 engine is the most common type that you will find in supercars. The majority of V8 engines are 5-liter machines that can produce up to 700bhp without a turbocharger. An average V8 supercar will reach 60mph in less than 3.6 seconds, depending on the weight of the said vehicle.



Supercars are expensive, and there are only a few people who can own them. Second-hand vehicles might be the better options, but the price of maintenance of the said vehicle will exceed all expectations. We work with Supercar Hire Ltd to bring you the best prices available!


A top speed of a car like this will never exceed 185mph due to various limitations this engine presents. Using turbocharger and modification of the car can make it go faster, but that turns the car from being road-legal to only a track car. This is why we don’t work with modified vehicles.

Engine Specs


A V8 engine is a perfect machine for supercars due to various factors that include price and smoothness. It’s stronger and smoother than the underpowered V6 while being a lot less expensive than V12. Contemporary V8 engines have very complex crankshafts that have different angles between them. Two cranks are at 180 degrees (first and last), and the other two are at 90 degrees. The large counterweight is there to minimize the vibration which is caused by the imbalance of the engine.

V8 supercar transmission


The majority of V8 supercars have their transmission in the back. The said transmission has a six-speed sequential gearbox at the same place as the transaxle. This kind of setup is specially designed for V8 vehicles to create a good balance of the weight. The exact position of the gearbox, as well as differential ratios, are determined by the car in which they are. The manufacturers will set the ratio to correspond with the engine and other essential parts of the car. The exact position of the gearbox is also subject to change to achieve a perfect weight balance.



No supercar with the V8 engine has standard tires you mount on conventional cars. The specially made tires for V8 Supercars may be soft or hard depending on the time of the year. These control tires are created to allow high-speed driving on slick roads. The cost of the said tires may exceed five thousand depending on the manufacturer. Forged aluminum alloy wheels are also standard equipment when it comes to these vehicles.


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No supercar manufacturer thought about Co2 emissions in the past. Supercars aren’t, in essence, cars which are environmentally friendly nor cars whose fuel economy plays a significant role in their production. No person will look at the fuel economy when they buy a...


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